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November 27th, 2020

  • Berpartisipasi dalam olahraga tim peserta harus menyadari risiko diri sendiri.
  • IUPA telah mengambil pendekatan konservatif untuk mendapatkan dukungan KONI dan KEMENPORA.
  • Beberapa komunitas kita di Indonesia telah memulai kembali aktivitas karena telah mendapatkan izin dari pemerintah lokal.
  • IUPA ingin memastikan bahwa komunitas kita juga mengikuti peraturan yang berlaku sehingga memungkinkan kita untuk memulai kembali aktivitas dengan cara yang aman.

  • Participating in group activities, including team sports, still requires an individual assessment of risk.
  • IUPA has taken a conservative approach towards the promotion and endorsement of ultimate activities because our goal is to get ultimate recognized by KONI and KEMENPORA.
  • Some ultimate communities in Indonesia have restarted activities because local authorities are allowing them to do so.
  • IUPA wants to ensure that communities follow our guidelines where possible so that they can restart activities in the safest way possible.

Read a message from IUPA President Alex Knecht.

August 10th, 2020

IUPA tidak akan menganjurkan permainan/latihan Ultimate, termasuk permainan pick up dan turnamen, sampai kebijakan olazhraga tim dan perkumpulan besar diperbaharui oleh pemerintah lokal.

Untuk sementara, IUPA menghimbau anggota untuk mengikuti aturan pemerintah lokal. Jika anggota memilih untuk berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan Ultimate (melempar, latihan, dll.), IUPA merekomendasikan mengikuti pedoman yang tercantum di bawah ini untuk mengurangi risiko penularan.

IUPA will require that both group restrictions (i.e., no more than 10 people in close proximity at a gathering) and sports activity restrictions (i.e., no team-based or contact sports) be lifted by the local government before IUPA will promote the resumption of ultimate activities, including pick-up games and tournaments.

Until then, IUPA encourages members to follow local rules. If members do choose to participate in any ultimate activities (throwing, drills, informal games, etc.), IUPA recommends following our guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission.

Read a message from IUPA President Alex Knecht.

July 2nd, 2020

IUPA tidak akan mendukung permainan kembali sampai kebijakan tim olahraga dan perkumpulan besar diperbarui oleh peraturan pemerintah lokal.

IUPA will require that both group restrictions (e.g., no more than 10 people in close proximity at a gathering), and sports activity restrictions (e.g., no team-based sports or contact sports) be lifted by local government before IUPA will promote or authorize the resumption of organized Ultimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s going on with beaches? can we play there?

To the best of our knowledge, beaches in Bali were officially reopened on June 29th by Bali’s governor, Wayan Koster. This announcement was combined with the reopening of domestic tourism and touristic sites inside Bali. COVID precautions are still in place. There was some early discussion about visitor limits, but none are currently being enforced. We are aware of at least 1 active beach game being held in Bali. Reach out to your local community leaders for more information.

Which communities are active? Why not ours?

Our understanding is that some ultimate activities (on both beach and grass) have resumed in Bali. We are not aware of any activity in Jakarta, Surabaya, or any other community in Indonesia. There are no IUPA-supported events happening at the moment. IUPA does not endorse or promote any ultimate activity, however we do recommend reaching out to your local community leaders for a status update.

Why are IUPA members and directors playing ultimate if the IUPA guidelines strongly discourage it?

IUPA Members, including Directors, are individuals who can make their own assessments and decisions about the ultimate activities in which they participate. IUPA is not here to police individual activities and choices, however we do aim to provide guidelines on how to engage in ultimate activity safely for members who do choose to participate. Members and Directors need to exercise discretion. If they do choose to participate, it is their responsibility to proactively communicate that they are participating as individuals and not as representatives of IUPA.