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What Is It?

The IUPA Grant Program is an opportunity specifically for IUPA members. It aims to alleviate possible financial barriers faced by those looking to increase their exposure to ultimate. IUPA believes money should not be the only reason for a member not to attend a tournament or clinic.

What Costs Do the Grants Cover?

IUPA grants can help cover any or all of the following:

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Entry fees for tournaments and clinics

How Much Can You Get?

This will depend on the number of grant applications approved. IUPA will allocate a fixed amount of money to the grant program, so it won’t always be possible to get the full amount you request.

In case you don’t get all of what you ask for, here are some ways to start saving money.

Who’s Eligible?

The grant program is available to all IUPA members, provided they do not have any outstanding membership dues and have not already received an IUPA grant in the preceding six (6) months.

When Should You Apply?

IUPA recommends applying at least one (1) month before payment is due for the intended tournament, clinic, flight, or accommodation. If this isn’t possible, we will try our best to accommodate.

What’s the Process?

The grant program will work according to the following process:

1) Grant candidate submits application

The candidate fills in the necessary information and submits the application. It’s important to be as accurate as possible when calculating total estimated cost of the tournament, clinic or travel.

2) IUPA vets application

IUPA will talk to your captain or clinic organizer, verify your cost calculations, and confirm your level of activity in IUPA.

3) Interview with candidate

IUPA will conduct a short interview with you in either Indonesian or English (depending on your preference).

4) Decision

IUPA will decide how much of the amount requested can be granted and then notify you for acceptance.

5) Disbursement

If you agree to the grant, IUPA will disburse it within one (1) week.

6) Social media mentions

You will be expected to tag @ultiid on Instagram and/or Facebook when posting about the tournament or clinic you attend with the help of an IUPA grant.

7) Volunteering for events

If the event you are applying for is being run in partnership or in conjunction with IUPA, we expect that you will be able to volunteer some of your time before/during the event.

How Will IUPA Make its Decision?

IUPA will use the following criteria to determine whether a grant should be given and how much should be disbursed:

  • Positive reference from team captain or clinic organizer
  • Accuracy of estimated cost calculations
  • Commitment to ultimate-related activities in Indonesia
  • Level of activity within IUPA
  • Interview results

How and When Will You Get Your Money?

The entire grant process, from vetting to disbursement, will take no more than three (3) weeks. Once a decision has been made, disbursement will happen within one (1) week.

The grant will be transferred to your bank account once you have accepted IUPA’s offer.

If, for whatever reason, the grant is not used to cover costs of the tournament or clinic specified, the grant must be returned to IUPA.

Do You Need To Do Anything after Getting Your Grant?

All we ask is that you tag @ultiid in all your Instagram and Facebook posts related to the tournament or clinic you attend.

What If Your Grant Application was Rejected?

No problem. This doesn’t make you ineligible for future grants.

IUPA will provide a detailed reason for why your application was rejected. You can learn from this feedback to improve the quality of your next grant application.

Anything Else I Should Know?

We take grants very seriously. All grant recipients should only discuss their grants directly with the Grant Committee or with their Grant Committee-appointed mentor. All questions should go directly to these select individuals. Grant recipients are also expected to act with integrity and respect. If your actions go against this mindset you will be spoken to directly by your mentor or the Grant Committee and could possibly have your grant revoked.